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Introduction - Georgiev & Co.

VAT number: BG833088948


Arnautito 6069, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Geographical coordinates: B 42° 18' 49,7" L 25° 32' 48,4"


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     "Introduction - Georgiev & Co." (est. 1989) produces decorative trees and shrubs, as well as seeds of many sorts. The nursery is working with cuttings and seedlings in containers, based on European technology and standards. The production is of extremely high quality, beyond competition and is distributed throughout Bulgaria. All of the produced plants are of identified or selected species and are grown from our own cuttings (which in turn come from our own mother plants) or high grade seeds.

The production facilities are situated near Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The plants produced are usually used for exterior planting, for the garden, home or office, or for larger scale planting. All sorts are carefully selected to be suitable for the county's climate and conditions. Thanks to the technology used, all trees and shrubs are ready to be planted almost all year round without any ill effects.

For easier loading and unloading of large orders there is a possibility of packing the plants in collapsible box-pallets sized 120x110x105 cm.

We are a member of the Bulgarian Nursery Association (


Documents, permits, certificates:

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